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Harvie has a proud history of serving the needs of the UK tyre industry. The company is consistently at the sharp end of market needs and successfully fulfilling customer demands in a discerning independent market sector. The company is renowned for delivering on time through its fleet of mobile vans which serve tyre depots and garages throughout the UK.

The one stop mobile shop which Harvie pride themselves on is respected throughout the industry. In addition to this personal level of service we also have a dedicated sales team based at our head office in Blackpool.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service

Our team

Kent/ Nth London/ Essex

07889 460 770

East Anglia/ Lincolnshire

07973 293 118

UK Sales Manager

07836 618 576

North East

07739 979 493

North Wales/ Merseyside

07889 460 777

North West England

07889 460 778


07889 460 776

Wales & South West England

07956 525 944

Yorkshire/ Derbyshire

07889 460 774


07968 016706